I’m testing out possible migration to wordpress as my central blogging site, to replace livejournal and facebook and forums.

To start with, I’m testing with my most recent post from LJ at: http://wisdomdancer.livejournal.com/

One response to “Testing

  1. Header is cool. Also a cleaner look, easier to read, sense of visual space more efficient for quick location of items of interest and for keeping your place. You know, an old-style print fancier here: black on white also reveals the art of the font design, etc. White on black works better in shorter stretches, I find. If the text is of extended length, it is much less tiring (to these eyes at least) to read black on white. There are people who do long bouts of programming and swear by white on black, and turn the lights way down or off in their room as they stare at the screen. Some people with dyslexia seem to have most trouble with black on white on a computer screen. Some research done in the 80s (Bauer and Cavonius?) found that a higher percentage of readers had a more accurate understanding of text when it was black on white. Don’t know how well the testing was done.

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