An ongoing predictable disaster, punctuated by especially awful things

I’m a bit tired of reading about the BP spill, and not only for the same reasons everyone else is, like horribly suffering animals. I have another one, which is that an event like this is predictable to me, and is not a shocking surprise. You see, individuals in governments, bureaucracies and corporations run things they do not own, and thus, things they think they do not have to care about. I’ve been saying for years that the solution is to have people really own things.

The explanation for what’s happening is not that capitalism is evil, oil is bad for Gaia, or we humans are all environmental rapists. It’s that stewardship and respect is improbable with a “moral hazard” in play. This case is one in which the fed. gov. guided a privileged industry to drill offshore because that’s how more powerful people can pull in more money faster in a place that people don’t own, by exempting themselves from insurance and responsibility if anything happens to property and people affected. Particularly grievous, but honestly no different from a million other cases in the lesson it teaches: only real, allodial property is conducive to long-term responsibility.

So, sorry to say: awful things are going to keep happening as long as politics reigns over property. Corporatism is the form it takes here, but the problem is a very fundamental one that predates corporate law. Hierarchical rule over economic order is an ongoing disaster that plays out over the course of our age, occasionally punctuated by loud clamors because something terrible happened.


One response to “An ongoing predictable disaster, punctuated by especially awful things

  1. I agree with you completely here. Since people don’t own things, they don’t feel responsible for anything that goes wrong. Blame the government, blame the companies, blame the corporate mentality…either way, nobody seems to feel responsible. Government regulation isn’t going to help anything in my opinion, it will just give weathly corporations finger pointing privilege when the next disaster comes along…

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