“just a fighting chance”

When they aren’t busy eroding important civil liberties like Miranda/5th Amendment rights, the appointed robeworthies occasionally do something to protect one:

High court strikes down Chicago handgun ban

The appeal was filed by a community activist in Chicago who sought a handgun for protection from gangs. Otis McDonald told CNN outside his South Side home that he wants a handgun to protect himself and his family from the violence in his neighborhood. “That’s all I want, is just a fighting chance,” he said. “Give me the opportunity to at least make somebody think about something before they come in my house on me.”

Having lived in South Side Chicago, I know how he feels! Not that I live in Chicago any more, but I still feel sentimental about the city. Especially when I lived in a dangerous area, it was all too clear how vulnerable you could be and how daring criminals were. I’ve been waiting to hear this for a while.

Some commentary here:

Supreme Court: Second Amendment Applies to State and Local Governments
Is the McDonald Gun Decision Good for Liberty?


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