You don’t fix DC with sympathy…

In fact, you don’t fix it at all.

The latest issue of Vanity Fair has an article asking if Washington is too broken to fix, lamenting the increasingly gargantuan and unwieldy executive branch, the inimical partisan environment in the legislative, influence of media, and manipulation of the process by lobbyists and special interests. The idea seems to be that the Obama administration has it tougher than others.

But who asked for this top-heavy burden, besides the political class who wanted the power? Why else did government accrete? Suddenly, now, it occurs to them that it’s lonely at the top of a hierarchy—especially when everyone wants something, and a lot of them want to knock you off?

I weep.

Complaining that lobbyists and special interests have complicated, corrupted and paralyzed the apparatus of Washington is like setting up an auction house for other people’s money and then blaming bidders for coming out in droves.


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