Sanctum (work in progress)


You won’t find the old places if you go out to find them.
The ancestors live in stories, not out there.
Stillness meets you in quiet places, but no impressions of reverence
Reveal why those buried before you trembled, or sang.

Ancient drums don’t beat outside the cities, they
Bang in the blood.
When there is only silence,
The pulse you hear is the thrum of body before time.

No maps of secret knowledge guide you.
By night, the moon and stars chart no heavens within you.
You are the future untold by astrologers.

Unknown spirits do not speak and familiars do not whisper.
We do not petition pantheons and mystics.
The in-betweens are dispossessed, the decoration stripped.

You only hear yourself, alone.
When you need to fall, words catch you.
Afraid of becoming lost, we make much noise.

Nothing seizes you, nothing draws your living spirit deep
Unless you sit still and quiet, immense and absorbed.

When there is only silence,
You are delivered into the vast presence.

All-aloneness heeds the innermost places without words.

2 responses to “Sanctum (work in progress)

  1. Lemuel G. Abarte

    I may have been looking for this type of poetry for sometime. Very much appreciate. I am grateful.

  2. Beautiful, and a pleasure to read. As I read it the first time, I found myself doing some internal “nodding” of my head, saying “yes, yes…” I take it for a well rounded-out description of a prime experience of our essential nature. The images visited mark out an illuminating perimeter for the core experience, and help send one off toward the center, reminiscent of the stone floor at Chartres. Thank you.

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