Belated WikiLeaks post

I keep meaning to post something substantial on the latest Cablegate revelations courtesy of WikiLeaks, and the ongoing saga of persecution of this heroic site I’ve admired for some time, but there has been too much happening too quickly.

I will simply say that Glenn Greenwald has been doing an admirable job over at Salon, and you should read him:

3) Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators
2) The moral standards of WikiLeaks critics
1) WikiLeaks reveals more than just government secrets

Also, Justin Raimondo:

2) WikiLeaks vs. the Political Class
1) The Big Dump

Suddenly we have “investigative reporting” with impact, and the MSM hates it. Thank Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, et al. for striking blows against the secret regime’s ability to conduct conspiracy* in the name of national security, with much of the MSM perfectly compliant.

* See State and Terrorist Conspiracies by Julian Assange.


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