What I told paypal when I closed my account

Paypal’s cowardice under pressure, complicity with censorship, and not standing by their customer Wikileaks cannot hide behind a policy against “activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.” Whistleblowing is not inherently illegal, and publishing classified material is protected under the first Amendment since the Pentagon Papers case, successfully defended by the New York Times before the Supreme Court.

Paypal should adhere to the law and require court action to suspend an account in a case of dispute over legality, instead of caving in to requests of politicians or officials which are extralegal.

4 responses to “What I told paypal when I closed my account

  1. Bravo. I requested that my publisher pull all my books off Amazon.

  2. ack, that was written too fast, can you please delete ‘be pulled’ from my earlier comment. Thank you. *brain freeze*

  3. Corrected. And thanks for your comment.

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