Free Julian Assange! [updated]

Julian Assange was arrested today on one count of consensual rape, and four counts of bullshit with the farce of law.

Julian Assange is now a political prisoner, and the world knows it. His offense was exposing the truth.

WikiLeaks is the most important, innovative bastion of free speech and investigative journalism the internet has ever seen.

No matter what happens, Julian Assange is a hero our time will never forget, and Wikileaks the model for opening conspiratorial regimes.

UPDATE: Denied bail for spurious and suspicious charges despite offers of surety made in court by several individuals, Julian Assange will now be held until his next hearing in a week. I watched the prison van remove him (presumably—you could not see him inside) on the live feed. It’s perfectly absurd to think that any activist who stands out could end up in one of those rolling boxes on any flimsy excuse (such as the crime of a male having a sex life) and be shipped off, perhaps for interrogation by US spooks. Who knows? Be well, Julian.


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