Looking ahead to 2011: my to-do list of writing

2010’s almost done. At the end of the year, I’m thinking ahead to my next year of writing projects. There weren’t too many milestones with which to measure the past year, since I didn’t complete anything major since summer, when I wrapped up a string of essays on civilization, culture, and—especially—education.

However, I did contribute a lot of work toward several big projects. Much of what I accomplished will only become evident next year—presuming those projects go ahead as planned. 2011 should look amazing on paper, thanks to years of preparation.

I’m looking forward to finishing these:

  • My epic dystopian novel, Pyramid of Babel, could have been considered finished months ago if I wanted, but not by a perfectionist like me. I’m still tinkering with it and musing about whether I want to update my goals any further before the next phase: marketing it to agents and publishers. Having invested so much time on a risky proposition, at this point I want to be entirely satisfied with the product I send off, not 90%.
  • My “definitive” (temporarily, I’m sure) synthesis of Promethean philosophy in two parts (roughly, personal and social).
  • My highly-researched documentary script on human nature and origins of war. Had to stop that research back in autumn when my eyes suddenly gave me lots of trouble.
  • My collection of short-form writing on challenging preconceptions of human nature.
  • My non-fiction “self-help” theory of mind, psychology and personality utilizing complexity sciences and evolutionary theory. My quest to improve on existing personality theory began with Jung in 1996? and picked up steam reading Robert Anton Wilson and others later. Completing this one is *probably* doable next year.

There’s more as well, but I’m not too sure how likely they are for next year if I focus on the above. As happened in 2010, the more I become creatively inspired to add projects to my plate, the less time I have to finish the ones I’m already working on.


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