May 20, 2011

After some beta versions starting on a University of Chicago server in 1998, yesterday (May 20, 2011) marked 12 years of publishing original philosophy under the name of Prometheanism online at, though the site wasn’t ready to premiere as I wanted it to look until May 20, 2000.

There was a lot of interest in exploring independent ideas and new media on the internet during its frontier days in the 90s. I was exploring and creating a philosophy on my own, but it was also philosophy with a mission and that required reaching an audience. A web site seemed the ideal canvas for experimenting with philosophy and persuasion, communication and community, and bringing ideas and aesthetic design together. I threw myself into learning and doing philosophical, creative and intellectual work, design work, and more tedious labor necessary behind the scenes. I took the name Phoenix as my nom de plume for symbolism and reflecting a desire many had in those days to recreate themselves online.

Promethea pioneered a few firsts on the web and enabled me to experiment with both new presentations of ideas and circulation of new ideas around the world, attracting readers and a revolving cast of well-wishers, supporters, allies and accomplices. 😉

Promethea was followed by in 2003, which experimented with a different format and approach to content. A useful list of online Promethean writings is available there.

The internet has changed a great deal since, and the next two years will see a transition to a larger proportion of my work appearing in print or other media, but I will continue publishing on also, including a wholly evolved version of The Promethean Manifesto (the first version of which goes back 13 years, and started all of this).


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