Britain: the lure of false order, sheeplike civility, and free stuff

From London this week came the happy news that a young generation raised to be dependent on the State has been raised up out of poverty and educated—in how best to riot, loot, and run rings around the police. An astounding success for this nation at the forefront of both victimhood politics, and surveillance by Big Brother and Nanny State to Keep You Safe and Keep You Polite.

Surely, a rebuke to those who observe that the natural roots of civilization, once mired in state gigantism—with its burgeoning political class of busybodies who take much from the public and give little of use—typically rot after perishing from slow erosion.

Surely, a sign that the State’s taking responsibility for the education, welfare, morality, and employment of all citizens is not arrogant madness. Proof that the ends justify the means and good intentions always pave the way to Heaven.

Yes, a grateful, safe, erudite populace always  smashes shop windows and sets homes on fire. Thank goodness for social engineering, entitlement, and the police state.

What a paradise of order and prosperity government has created. “Anarchy”? Can we try some instead, please.

Note that actually disenfranchised people who want a better life work hard, learn, and/or protest against the system. The thuggish ‘disenfranchised’ youth of Britain who are currently rioting  aren’t “fighting for” anything at all besides helping themselves to free stuff, burning property, and bloodying people.

I do see two positives about the rioting in Britain:

1) Signs of mutual community defense in some places and the precedent that sets for awareness of how much centralized (pseudo-organized) cops are worth versus property owners working together. This is an example of spontaneous order and self-organization, methods for a successful free society.

2) The prediction that political class tools excusing opportunistic scum for their social malaise or disenfranchisement (or insufficient free stuff) are shooting themselves in the political foot in the eyes of the actual victims and sympathizers, most people in Britain. All to the good. As they rebuild, they will have much to rethink, including their tolerance and patience with the political class proposing further “solutions” to their problems and “leadership.”

The people of Britain have a colossal historical mistake to overturn. Perhaps this can be an opportunity.

Down with the State and false order. Up with the people and the order they make. Down with promises about what the people should give, or take. Up with what the people earn, and should keep.

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