On the crushers of politically-correct bastards

Stunning news! No, it’s not war, lies, abuse of power. Nothing so small. Instead: unprofessional off-color expression used offhand on twitter! Possibly by some very tired person who is too busy saving the world to be polite.

I must be strange. I am not in favor of bigotry, and in a perfect world, no one would have preconceptions about types of people or express language that indicates such a legacy. However, I’ve never met anyone who was free of biased impulses. And, hearing breathless talk about presumed oppression by words, the philosopher in me thinks of the fallacy of essentialism evident in the notion that a word is intrinsically harmful and immoral regardless of its context or intent. Enforcing a mutually-inoffensive PC utopia seems to me a total waste of time and effort.

Deranged, even, when people are simultaneously being murdered, oppressed, deprived of property, life and liberty, sometimes by upright, respectable politicians who would never say anything offensive, because they’re rarely caught saying anything they mean.

Perhaps in a perfect world I would prefer a gentle, well-spoken hero who fights those “respectable” acts by “respectable” men. But I would damn sure prefer even a voluble bigot who fights them and saves people, to no one. Again, I must be strange; I don’t so much care how people talk compared to what they do, or don’t.

Maybe truth-tellers and exposers of lies offend people so often because that’s often the kind of asshole who does the job, from George “pansy left” Orwell to Julian “crushing bastards” Assange, from Lenny Bruce to George Carlin to Bill Hicks. Politically correct people tread too gingerly to do the work.

Not only that, they make decisions about political causes to support—life-and-death decisions—based on reading one… single… word. And they really ought to be ashamed.


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