Writing to-do list for February and the rest of 2012

Taking stock of what February’s going to be like, as I gradually emerge from flu-congested mental functions that have kept me poking about on the web at best—

• Looks like I have about 20,000 words toward my next major writing focus to sort through (not including notes), although the main challenge there will be to always refresh my perspective instead of getting bogged down in editing what I already have. This will be my latest systematic entry in the reformation of vital philosophy—not intended to be book length, but concise, compelling, and evocative like myth.

• Also about 5,000 words toward a secondary anthropology vid-doc project on war and human nature, plus more in notes. Current reading is research for that.

• I have some very large but uncounted amount of material towards my next big book, on a multidisciplinary theory of the human mind and sort of a explorer’s map/”user’s manual,” to resort to an inadequate phrase. That is the other really exciting thing on the horizon this year. Tempted to dive back into that sooner but I don’t plan on it quite yet, because I know it’s going to become all-consuming once again, when I do.

• I also plan to avoid dealing with the clutter of hundreds of thousands of words in material for sundry essays, articles, and aphorisms on the burner because I want to maintain focus on the first two things above. There’s a certain amount of reorganizing that has to be done at some point, though, once I decide what directions I want to prioritize out of all these things I once planned to follow up, years ago. Some I started during my novel, some before.

• The elephant in the room is that I need to decide how much I want to reinvest in web publishing. That will determine whether I’m going to focus on fewer, larger projects like novels, nonfiction books, and media, or again diversify into more varied web-based writings, as I used to when I accumulated all the stuff I have on hand.


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