Later today, if my vision holds out, I’ll finally get the chance to get back to editing a sweeping piece of work I’m trying to finish this year: it’s my latest take on a magnum opus to bring together my philosophical investigations to date. Unlike the last, very different “grand tour” attempt in the book Rising in Words, I intend to publish this one on the internet, for the intellectuals there with patience, curiosity, thoughtfulness, a sincere interest in personal development, and attentive reading comprehension skills. All twelve should really enjoy it. I kid, I kid. There must be at least fourteen.

But in all seriousness, for the first time I am also strongly leaning towards recording an audio version, as well. Not only because so few like focusing on reading anymore, and especially not online, but because the human voice is persuasive to many more people than the written word, and more evocative to most (with the obvious exception of my deaf friends).

Published book version? Maybe. Frankly it was an awful lot of work last time, even with some extraordinary volunteer help with type and layout.


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