Current desktop workspace, January 3 2013

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 12.22.27 AM

Snapshot of the work that kept me busy during 2012, and will continue during 2013. It won’t all fit on the screen at once, unfortunately. (It’s difficult keeping it all in mind at once, as well.)

For that reason, it probably comes across as cryptic, especially as the file names are (mostly) not titles and I can’t show the files themselves yet. Forgive the indulgence in commemorating what I (will) have to show for the past year, but I think it’s interesting to consider how different thinkers and writers work and I’m contributing a little bit to that sort of insight here.

Just want to add: probably the most interesting thing in terms of the organization you see in the picture is how much I learned about not only organization of writing, but organization of thoughts from the experience of writing an extensive and complex novel that required different ways of working. I can’t recommend a better sort of practice. It’s really too bad most academic philosophers seem to think exercises in writing well have little to do with thinking.


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