Apologies for the vague announcement of future announcements, but…

I am the sort of person who likes to be very patient about plans coming to fruition, and endeavors leading somewhere, especially when I am highly invested. However, eventually there comes a point we all love to reach (ha), known as “cutting my losses,” cutting back to what’s more doable, and trying something different. Sometimes changes also need to be made simply for the sake of injecting some new energy. After years of doing things in certain ways, the accumulation of history and sense of responsibility to it can get to be a burden. Well, I think I have reached the “cutting my losses” point with a number of efforts I have made over the past several-to-15 years and setups to which I have committed a lot. I have decided to try to see this process of shaking things up strategically and personally as less funereal, and more freeing. After all, attachment to ideas and projects that haven’t worked out as you thought they would also ends up feeling funereal—there’s an air of decay in living for the past. My favorite of all images was always the phoenix, to embrace the idea of starting anew, and I’m going to try to embrace that once again in earnest. No particulars to announce at the present time (and please, no questions about that). What I can say is that I have made some higher-level decisions I have been wrangling over for years, quite literally, and am making new plans and preparing to set them into motion.


One response to “Apologies for the vague announcement of future announcements, but…

  1. You intrigue me, Holmes.

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