About Wisdom Dancer

This eclectic blog of ideas is written by Colin Patrick Barth, also known as Phoenix.


drawing by Anthony Fasano, 2017

I create philosophy and express it in media. I focus on writing. So far, I have worked on web sites, novels, e-books, essays, articles, poetry, and documentary scripts. Themes of my writing include social criticism and constructive dissent, psychology, human nature, and personal transformation.

My focus in recent years [now on a bit of a hiatus]: a three-volume work of literature called The Constellation of Man, with a reformation of humanism and instrumental education among its goals—a magnum opus of Promethean philosophy for a future after this Dark Modern Age.

I am an original philosopher in the Nietzschean tradition:

  • Philosophy as both art and science
  • Philosophy to promote the examined life and challenge people to rethink
  • Philosophy in the cause of fulfilling life’s potential greatness

See this post for my “political” beliefs. Look right on a desktop for a list of Recent Posts, or scroll down on a phone’s layout. Most of the better thoughts on this blog over the years have probably been tagged Writing, if you click and scroll down. For instance, this retrospective about writing my novel Pyramid of Babel (ironically, written shortly before I got a neurological-visual disorder that made final editing even more difficult and prolonged). Or Six Simple Rules. Or the poem Pan Periastral. Or “How Sausage is Made” and Inquiry into Human Nature. A few more good posts were tagged Philosophy, like Amor fati and the hermits of the crowd.

My reason for the name Wisdom Dancer is described in this essay:

The dance is a fine metaphor for wisdom—to choose the closest word—and the only way to “attain” that is to do it, and practice it. Wisdom is a dynamic, interpretive, and flexible process of holding multiple poses in a flow, not a single position one can attain and hold. Wisdom is not contained in any one method, and it is certainly not a thing or quantum. The dance of wisdom is praxis as opposed to theory; it needs rhythm, and a lightness.

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