• A Letter of Announcements and Retrospection was published in 2014, to explain why Promethea closed down and tell its story (and mine). Includes a look back at web publishing as a means for progress, criticism of the literary industry—and of artistic or intellectual compromise, and finally, early comments on my intentions for The Constellation of Man, formerly titled Prometheus Redux.

Archived and Recreated:

  • archived Articles, Notes and Essays 2000–2010 on old snapshot provided by Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.
  • archived The Promethean Trilogy on old snapshot provided by Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Use 2003 Edition (Text); some Illuminated version links are broken. (Plus, the graphics were designed to fill smaller, lower-res screens, anyway.) Note that (as of spring 2018) this is a fifteen-year-old encapsulation of thinking which evolves and improves. The Constellation of Man is the successor, meant to take the place of The Promethean Trilogy as the best overall expression of Promethean philosophy I can create.
  • Promethea Archives (resurrection of some texts by MRDA)