The Constellation of Man

My focus in recent years: writing a different kind of literature, with a reformation of humanism and instrumental education among its goals.

This is an ambitious project called The Constellation of Man (former working title: Prometheus Redux), currently a large collection of work in progress.

  • (astronomy) A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure.
  • (astrology) The grouping or relative position of the stars as supposed to influence events, especially at a person’s birth.
  • A group or cluster of related things.

Click this link to see all the posts tagged The Constellation of Man I’ve published so far. These posts include excerpts, which may be included in The Constellation of Man:

excuses and criticisms for electing inferiors
spirit as metaphor for sex (and vice versa)
Proteus and bougonia
The Sage and the Town That Was Dreaming and Drowning
hemispheres part I: patterns into place
Awe and Presence
Grand Illusions
Soulless Faces and Dread Urges

These previews were intentionally presented out of their context, to avoid spoiling how themes will interweave across the many Books within three Volumes of The Constellation of Man.

All selections were written by me since 2010. All remain in development, subject to change. Together they add up to a small fraction of the whole book.