The Constellation of Man

My focus in recent years: writing a different kind of literature, with a reformation of humanism, and providing instrumental education among its goals.

This is an ambitious project called The Constellation of Man (former working title: Prometheus Redux), currently a large collection of work in progress.

  • (astronomy) A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure.
  • (astrology) The grouping or relative position of the stars as supposed to influence events, especially at a person’s birth.
  • A group or cluster of related things.

Click this link to see all the posts tagged The Constellation of Man I’ve published so far. These posts include some excerpts which may be included in The Constellation of Man. In order of publication on Wisdom Dancer (not in order of writing):

1. excuses and criticisms for electing inferiors
2. spirit as metaphor for sex (and vice versa)
3. Proteus and bougonia
4. The Sage and the Town That Was Dreaming and Drowning
5. hemispheres part I: patterns into place
6. Awe and Presence
7. Grand Illusions
8. Soulless Faces and Dread Urges
9. secrecy versus security; how information protects
10. memento mori from Attention to Ordinary Revelations
11. a chorus of the living, an orchestra of echoes

(note: caps denote actual titles; temporary titles for fragments are in lower case)

Read these posts in any order to provoke thought. These previews were intentionally presented out of their context, to avoid spoiling how themes will interweave across the many Books within three Volumes of The Constellation of Man.

All selections were written by me since 2010. All remain in development, subject to change. Together they add up to a small fraction of the whole book.

You can contact me with comments or questions here:

Finally, here are some more detailed intentions for The Constellation of Man which remain relevant for the project as it stands in 2018, selected from my explanation of future plans in 2014:

I have been sketching out and filling out a magnum opus of Promethean philosophy […]

Obliged for the reasons I have described to step back from the goal of organizing societal proofs of concept, I have turned to another task instead: creating a landmark philosophical and literary work designed for the all-around needs of those who would shoulder human progress, including self-development (as real progress must). Few would imagine it possible to assemble a work this ambitious, either. I hope to inspire intellectuals with proof that philosophy, literature, and humanism worthy of the words are not dead, and show that standards can and must be raised. I hope also to empower individuals in the future with the keys I have managed to devise, or to collect from the great and special individuals who inspired me, and guided me on my own path.

In writing these all-new volumes, I have created a successor to fifteen years of Promethean material—a synthesis of ideas from published work and the considerable amount as-yet unpublished, with ideas new to my readers. I have challenged myself to improve, refine, and go further than previous work, to try to create the definitive expression of Prometheanism thus far. […]

[…] [C]hanges reflect considerable effort to develop Prometheanism since 2003, and a more precise understanding of the most pressing issues for Promethean philosophy to examine in present day. This does not refer to current events, but neglected and poorly-understood fundamentals of life. The new books are intended to provide a foundation of knowledge instrumental to personal transformation and cultural reformation.

In brief, these volumes will not only put forth Prometheanism as a philosophy, but also integrate the broad foundation of knowledge needed by the remarkable individual who wants to make human potential real, personally and in the world around them.

For one of the things I have learned over the past fifteen years is the ineluctable importance of fundamentals, or the realizations that should be fundamental. Pioneering advanced ideas and techniques among those who lack more fundamental ones is not possible. The unfortunate mis-education of our times—to ignore some important things, misunderstand others, and particularly to fight against oneself—remains a terrible and broad obstacle in the way of human progress. Those who have somehow escaped serious mis-education or clawed their way back out of brainwashing are as scarce as hen’s teeth, far fewer than those who believe they have.

I aim to address the problem seriously, almost from the ground up, by supplementing available modern resources for self-education and holistic education (Bildung). This new work will be my answer to the challenge of reorienting any enterprising reader so that change can happen for him or her, despite unlucky mis-education. Of course, my goal is not merely remedial, so I have also labored to refine insights at the cutting edge of self-knowledge and understanding.

  • [Volumes I–II] will explore essential inner experiences and the psychology of individuals, and suggest realistic steps for personal development based on fostering human nature and culture.
  • More than an argument for inner development, [they] will offer a guide to human nature, reconsidered, and a defense of human potential against both its traditional ankle-weights and the fashionable modern abandonment of humanism.
  • [Vol. II] will propose a new theory tracing the mind of Man out of nature. This model integrates evolutionary insights with cybernetics and complexity sciences to reform outdated philosophy of mind. It draws on personality theory, prehistoric anthropology, mythology, and more. (The case for this model will also be explored and brought to a different audience in a dedicated book for all intelligent readers curious about science or themselves.)
  • [Vol. III] will expand Prometheanism from the individual outward, into society. [It] will describe a Promethean society that best reflects the realities of human nature. [It] will expand […] discussion of culture to the networks of exchange essential to material and experiential life.
  • In addition to applying Prometheanism to the social realm and making an argument for connected individualism, [Vol. III] will offer a defense of human civilization in an age of its casual and contemptuous erosion.
  • Readers [of my earlier work] will also notice developments of style more akin to evocative myth or storytelling, and more conducive to meditation on ideas, as well as retaining the immediacy of a manifesto. This “MMM” style strives to state what most needs to be said elegantly and boldly.

[…] As well as considering print and web publishing, I have considered recording audio readings of key passages, and other options for dramatization. I will have more concrete details to offer in the future, and I hope to have your support.